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Molybdenum Piercing mandrel

Molybdenum Piercing mandrel

Molybdenum Piercing mandrel
Functional Characteristics
Technical Indicators
Physical Dimension


Materials TZM
Density ≥9.4g/cm³
Element Mo≥96% Ti1.5%
Specification Φ(20-300)mm*L Customize according to drawings
Surface Auto finish or machining
Standard YS/T245-2011


Molybdenum alloy piercing-mandrel is processed by adding rare earth materials into molybdenum powder FMo-1 according to mixing, molding, outline processing, high-temperature sintering and other processes, with the finished product density of ≥9.4g/cm3.


Diameter: Φ20-600mm, it could be specially processed according to drawing requirements.


It is used for piercing seamless steel pipes such as stainless steel, drill steel, bearing steel, high-temperature alloy steel, etc.

3:Chemical components

Add fixed elements into molybdenum powder.


High strength under high temperature, good oxidation resistance under high temperature, long service life, corrosion resistance .

5:Molybdenum immediate production process

First of all, with raw materials adding rare earth molybdenum powder FMo - 1 material, then after mixing, molding, and external processing, the high temperature sintering process, such as product density acuity 9.4 g/cm3.